29 Aug 2016

Unique, Different and Creative Home Improvements

Would you like to make some changes around the house, but want something different that makes your space special? Check out these products, DIY ideas and projects for some different and creative improvements around the house.

The difference is in the details.

Consider your gutters. Boring. Consider the area where the water runs out and ruts your yard. Irritating. Add a splash of panache with a decorative splash block and make it interesting while solving a problem.

Add architectural detail and interest in an instant with decorative molding on an accent wall.

Outdoor-ShowerIf you’re feeling particularly ambitious, take a hard look at your staircase handrail. Is it just like everyone else’s? Is it big, without making a big statement? There are so many new options and one-of-a-kind ways to go. Next step, tackle the steps.

Uniquely outdoors.

While many Carolina homeowners enjoy a screened porch for its nine months out of the year living space, why shouldn’t yours stand out from the crowd? Wooden horizontal slats can add a Zen-like feeling for added porch sitting bliss. Or simply upgrade your screen door and up your screened-in game a notch.

And why limit creativity in the garden to what you can plant? If you’re artistic, paint a lovely landscape on a once-sad section of fence. Or if you’ve been drinking a lot of wine, (and who hasn’t?), recycle those pretty bottles into a pretty privacy screen. Cheers!

If your current fence doesn’t keep the critters out of your perennial or vegetable patch, just add deer or bird netting for an easy fix.

Another thing. Why should beach houses have all the outdoor shower fun? Our Carolina climate makes it easy to justify an outdoor shower in any outside space. It’s a fun and unusual feature that gets the job done without the expense and trouble of adding on or renovating an entire indoor bathroom.

The cook wants a new look.

Kitchen remodels are on the top of many homeowners’ wish lists, but the cost can be killer. Not to worry. The right small touches can make it feel brand new. Add convenience and style by installing a mini-fridge into unused space under your kitchen island. Or, add a pet feeding station that stashes away when Fido is at play.

Use the dead space on the end of your cabinetry to add vertical wine storage(Because that privacy screen made from empty wine bottles is not going to build itself.)

Call the plumber or DIY and add a pot filler at the stove to make making pasta easy-peasy. While the plumber is there, install a jetted laundry sink in the laundry room for hand washing (or as a much-needed spa for your small pet).

Make your backsplash shiny and new with an easy-to-install metal backsplash. Easy to clean, too!

And it’ll be a clean sweep with vacuum baseboards, an improvement that almost guarantees a kiss from the cook (or designated kitchen cleaner-upper.)

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