18 Mar 2016

You Deserve a Second Opinion When It Comes to Mortgage Financing

How many big decisions have you made in your life that you wish you could have changed?BRG_TageMtg_FB_01

Unlike golf, life seldom offers a mulligan, or do-over – at least without some kind of catch or consequences. But Allen Tate Mortgage believes you deserve better.

Allen Tate Mortgage offers a Best Rate Guarantee* every day – a free, second opinion to make sure you are receiving the best total financing package on your mortgage. It’s easy – and here’s the best part: If Allen Tate cannot meet or beat your quote from another lender, we’ll pay you $500 after closing.

For example, say you reached out to a bank or mortgage lender, maybe online, to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. You’ve found the right home for your family, and now, it’s time to obtain the formal financing quote. So that’s it, right?

Not so fast. Now take that quote from another lender and bring it to Allen Tate Mortgage. We’ll pull a copy of your credit report, consider your financial position and long-term goals, find the best mortgage option and present a mortgage package best suited to your needs.

At best, you’ll get a mortgage package that could save you thousands over the length of your loan, or perhaps cut your terms by months or years. At worst, you’ll have a second opinion that assures you that you’ve secured the best loan possible – and a check for $500 after closing.

And if you are just beginning the home buying process, give us a call first. The Allen Tate Family of Companies will make sure your experience is professional, efficient and successful.

Don’t live to regret one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. Get a second opinion with Best Rate Guarantee from Allen Tate Mortgage.

For more information on Allen Tate Mortgage and our Best Rate Guarantee, please visit mortgage.allentate.com or call 877-201-4732.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Lisa Green
Vice President of Sales, Allen Tate Mortgage

Allen Tate Mortgage NMLS# 79543

Loans available in NC/SC


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