15 Dec 2014

Health Insurance Open Enrollment for 2015

Healthcare stethoscopeWhile most of us associate December with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, those of us in the insurance profession are in the midst of observing another annual season: open enrollment for health insurance.

The season actually began in October for over 65 Medicare beneficiaries and wrapped up earlier this month. But for the under 65/non-Medicare beneficiaries, open enrollment began November 15 and is in full swing.

If your holiday calendar is more stuffed than your turkey, you can wait as late as February 15 to select your insurance plan for the 2015 calendar year and enroll. But it’s a good idea to allow time to research and review your options and complete your enrollment.

If you miss the February 15 deadline, you face a penalty for being uninsured. In 2015, the penalty could be as high as 2 percent of your total household income. For a family of four with a total household income of $100,000, the penalty for procrastination is a whopping $1,588. After February 15, you must have a qualifying event to be able to enroll in a health plan next year.

Enrollment is now easier than ever. At Allen Tate Insurance, we have set up a private exchange where we can determine your subsidy, and provide quotes for you in less than 10 minutes. Once you have determined the right plan for you and your family, enrollment takes less than 20 minutes. The best part? You don’t need to login and navigate www.healthcare.gov. We make the process simple, quick, and efficient.

For questions regarding open enrollment or signing up for health insurance through our private exchange at Allen Tate Insurance, please contact me at david.wilkins@allentate.com.

By David Wilkins (Allen Tate Insurance) – Guest Blogger

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