19 Nov 2014

Do it “Your Way”

Happy senior woman standing by sign board with clipboardMany of us can recall the words – and more importantly – the message of My Way, the 1969 ballad written by Paul Anka and popularized by crooner Frank Sinatra.

The lyrics reflect on the many choices we face in life, the goals we set for ourselves, and the difficult decisions we must make. The reward for the man in the story, as he approaches death, is that he did it his way, with responsibility and integrity.

The ability to make your own decisions in your career is not a luxury many have. Often, those decisions are determined by the company/supervisor you are working for. It is their vision, their message, their style – and done their way.

In real estate, the options for you to personalize your business around you are truly limitless. You need to live by the Realtor Code of Ethics and the stipulations of the Real Estate Commission, but the rest is up to you. It’s your game, your way.

Is this difficult? Might you make a mistake or do something that you wish you hadn’t? Of course. With great power comes great responsibility. But consider the rewards along with the risks.

You get to create “Me, Inc.” with all of your signature strengths featured front and center. Is marketing your thing? Perfect! Are you at your best when you are developing relationships and working with people? Are you a pro at social media? Or maybe the analytical side is for you. Whatever it is, you can develop your real estate career around your strongest skills and deepest passions.

With unlimited earning potential and freedom from a time clock, real estate can provide the career you have always wanted.

And as so eloquently stated … with few regrets and done your way.

By Barbara O’Rourke, Director of Career Development

Allen Tate Companies
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