20 Aug 2014

Dreams really can come true

8.20.14 Dream jobThere is an old saying to be careful what you wish for. You might very well get it.

As a recruiter, I often find myself across the table from many trained and respected professionals who became terribly unhappy with their chosen career path. They may have dreamed of their brilliant performance as a defense attorney or perhaps, envisioned themselves as the brain behind the latest trendy ad campaign. But, at some point, those dreams fell short – along with the passion they once had.

Many of their frustrations didn’t stop with unrealized career-path dreams. Many longed for more time with friends and family; many desired fair and unlimited compensation. And more than a few expressed frustration over the lack of ability to actually, truly make a difference – free from the intrusion of the ever-changing corporate structure.

I must admit – it is sad to see these hard-working, dedicated, educated people simply going through the motions, only to find themselves at the end of day with more regret than reward.

Phil Blair, staffing professional and author of the job search book Job-Won, says “Finding a dream job is about finding your passion.”

For many, a real estate career is that dream job – a job that harnesses and nurtures that passion – and allows it to grow.


  • You desire to have a business that can last a lifetime;
  • The thought of helping others fuels your fire;
  • Creating, managing and developing your business your way is what you have been searching for

Then it’s time to create Me, Inc. and find your passion in a real estate career.

Your life, your way. It’s that simple.

Ready to get started? Contact me at Barbara.orourke@allentate.com.

By Barbara O’Rourke, Director of Career Development

Allen Tate Companies
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