26 May 2014

Do you have the life you want?

5.26.14 Work Life BalanceSomeone once told me that my love of food was somewhat obsessive. I gave that some thought and came to the conclusion they were right. I love food – eating food, making food, looking at pictures of food, shopping for food. I love food. I, therefore, am someone who lives to eat and not one who eats to live.

A similar truth can be said about my professional life. It’s not a job; it’s not work to me. It is a part of me. It’s what I do; and defines much of who I am. It is a large and important part of my life plan and allows me to have the quality of life that I want.

What does your life plan look like? Professional speaker Mike Staver shared his insights on this topic at a recent Allen Tate leadership meeting. He said we need to toss away the business plan – and instead, build a life plan.

Think about that. We are challenged each day to provide for ourselves and our families, but we long for the opportunity to be happy while doing so.

What if you had the opportunity to earn a living AND live the life you desire? Maybe you want to be home in time to meet your child’s school bus, or perhaps you’d like to train to be a marathon runner. For each of us, what’s really important is different.

Is your life plan creating the quality of life that you want?

Each day, I witness the rich lives lead by our real estate agents. We have a semi-pro tennis player who still competes. Another agent plays bridge three times a week. Yet another is a professional fashion model. Their life plans includes much more than just earning a living.

A career in real estate can offer you the quality of life that is created around the things that make you happy, offering you a place where you feel significant, valued and sure of yourself. We would welcome the opportunity to help you build the life you want.

For more information about a career in real estate, visit careers.allentate.com.

By Barbara O’Rourke, Director of Career Development

Allen Tate Companies
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