19 Feb 2014

Ready when you are!

181622320There is a five-star hotel known for its superb concierge services. Whether you are in need of a black dinner dress for an impromptu occasion, or crave a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup in the middle of the night, they are there for you. Their response to a guest is always “Whatever; Whenever.”

That’s how I feel about a career in real estate. Whatever your background, whenever you are ready, a career in real estate fits right in.

  • A recent high school graduate may not be sure of their next step, but they are motivated and ready to enter the workplace. Perhaps real estate is the right start.
  • A college-educated professional (who is smart and savvy with great tech skills) may desire to work for themselves after spending some time in the business world.
  • Real estate might be the right choice for a stay-at-home parent and community volunteer with great connections who is ready to re-enter the workplace but requires a flexible environment.
  • A mid-career professional who has enjoyed success – but longs for a new challenge – might be well-suited to run their own business as a Realtor®.
  • For the retired but not tired, a real estate career might be ideally aligned with acquired skills, strong connections, financial stability and eagerness to try something new.

From ages 18-80, a real estate career can work for you. If you love working with people and are open to new challenges, say “Yes” to “Whatever” – a career in real estate, and “Now” to “Whenever.” You’ll be glad you did!

By Barbara O’Rourke, Director of Career Development

Allen Tate Companies
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