11 Dec 2013

I Love Real Estate

love_real-estateI asked a group of Allen Tate agents what they were grateful for this holiday season. They replied, with much enthusiasm: “My job!”

As you think about what gifts you hope to receive – or what the New Year might bring, perhaps it is a new career … one that brings YOU the joy that our real estate agents share. 

What do I personally love about real estate? Here’s my list.

  1. I want to learn something new every day, and real estate gives me that opportunity.
  2. I am a giver of joy. Telling first-time buyers that their offer has been accepted makes me forever a part of their home ownership experience.
  3. I can create my own schedule around my life.
  4. I wear many hats and I love the variety. I’m a presenter, educator, negotiator, and much more.
  5. No one can outsource me but me.
  6. I enjoy the recognition from my peers and clients for a job well done.
  7. I am motivated knowing that I determine my own income.
  8. I am a business owner and operator.
  9. I have the opportunity to build great lasting relationships with so many people who continue to enrich my life.
  10. I truly get to make a difference in people’s lives.

During this holiday season, I give thanks to our many agents, who work each and every day to share their joy … and make dreams come true for so many. 


By: Barbara O’Rourke (Director of Career Development) – Guest Blogger

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  • vicmortgage

    I think this list is awesome, being a mortgage banker I consider myself being in the real estate industry as well. I honestly think there isn’t a lot of other people in other industries that could list 10 reasons why they love they’re job! awesome post!

    December 12, 2013 at 2:11 pm