4 Dec 2013

Destination Carolinas!

carolinas mapWe frequently hear media reports about yet another company moving to the Carolinas. This is great news – translating to job creation, home buyers and overall economic growth. But did you ever stop to think WHY their employees would want to move here?

In 1999, I had the opportunity to relocate to the Carolinas to operate the Relocation Division of Allen Tate Company. My first question was “What could the Carolinas and Charlotte offer my husband and me?” We would be relocating from exciting Atlanta, home to the World Series Atlanta Braves and host to the recent summer Olympics. Could the Carolinas offer us the same kind of opportunities?

We began to explore that question – and found many of the same things that many relocating families find today.

Climate – My hometown in Pennsylvania is covered in snow for several months of the year, so weather was a huge factor for me. In the Carolinas, we enjoy an average of 214 days of sunshine per year. That meant more 60+ degree days for my husband and me to ride our motorcycles. This year, I was able to take a ride every month, including January, February and March.

Entertainment – The Carolinas have an incredible amount of entertainment options available. For sports fans, we have Carolina Panthers football, Carolina Hurricanes hockey and Charlotte Bobcats basketball.  Double and Triple A baseball teams are located throughout the Carolinas. And we can’t overlook NASCAR – we’re a racing Mecca and home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

For music lovers, we have plenty of great concert venues, for every taste. Recently, we caught the Eagles at Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena, and the following night they played in Greensboro. It’s also great to take in a show in one of our many theaters that host major productions like “The Lion King” and “Wicked.”

Getaways – When it’s time for a break, you have the beach AND the mountains, both accessible in just a few hours. And there are plenty of interesting places for day trips, too.

It’s clear that the Carolinas have a lot to offer, but more than anything, I hear company leaders and employees talking about the people here. We are genuinely nice! Even the people who aren’t “from here” are nice; I guess it’s contagious. We are friendly, inviting and make you feel glad you’ve made the Carolinas your home.

Perhaps this holiday season, you will visit family who would like to be closer to you. It is possible that the Carolinas has what they’re looking for in a second home, or as their next destination. Once you’ve convinced them that they can’t live without you (or the kids or grandkids) and the Carolinas is the “place to be,” Allen Tate Company is here to help make their move easy. 

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By DJ Stephan (President, Allen Tate Relocation)

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