25 Oct 2013

Use Feng Shui to Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

Feng ShuiLooking for love or harmony in your life, or perhaps more money?

Try rearranging your furniture or adding specific accessories and you might get more of what you want. So say practitioners of feng shui (pronounced fung shh-way), an ancient art and science developed in China more than 3,000 years ago.

Feng shui is based on the idea that by balancing the energies and flow in a space, one can promote good health and fortune for those living in it.

Historically, feng shui was used to place buildings in a favorable manner. Builders would consider the surroundings, such as bodies of water or even the stars, when looking for the most promising way to situate a structure.

Today, feng shui has grown popular in interior design and decorating. With feng shui, everything should be strategically placed to enhance positive energy. Basically, your home and belongings should make you feel happy or creative or whatever your desired emotion, and if an object doesn’t have a good vibe (like that dead plant in the corner covered in spiderwebs), then it should go.

Some practitioners study for years to master the intricacies of feng shui. By trying simple decorating tricks, however, you may be able to inspire positive change in your home.

To attract love, feng shui practitioners suggest doubling up on your furniture and accessories to reinforce the notion of partnership. Add a chair to a solitary one, for example, or have matching pairs of items like end tables or accessories and you may inspire affection and other cuddly emotions.

Water is believed to boost prosperity, so consider adding an aquarium or fountain to increase your income. But don’t put these objects just anywhere. Try the southeastern parts of a room or house, followed by northern and eastern locations. Avoid placing water features in the bedroom, as water is also associated with increased worry if it is placed in the wrong spot.

The colors red, purple and green are associated with attracting wealth. Don’t want to paint a wall red? Add a throw pillow or area rug. Also, keep your pantry organized and stocked with fresh food and clear clutter from the kitchen table to keep your bank account strong.

Bowls of fresh fruit on a kitchen counter are thought to bring harmony and oranges are particularly useful for attracting good luck. Vases of fresh flowers, meanwhile, relieve stress and increase productivity and creativity. If fresh flowers aren’t available, you can use pictures of flowers in their place for similar results.

By Angela Dole (Regional Vice President, Gaston & York) (Guest Blogger)

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