23 Oct 2013

Home Sweet Haunted Home

Haunted HouseA fun tradition at Halloween is to visit a “haunted house,” filled with various ghosts and ghouls. But would you want to live in a real haunted house?

According to legend, the older a home, the greater chance it could be haunted because of the number of souls who have lived there. If something happens that causes a tear in the energy, such as a violent death or extreme grief, a spirit may become trapped between this world and the next.

The Carolinas are full of houses said to be haunted. Dare if you will to visit these homes with spooky histories:

  • The Blakney House in Monroe, N.C, is believed to be haunted by William Blakney, a greedy miser. It is said that a girl related to Blakney watched from a window as her parents were killed. When the house became a restaurant, an upstairs room set for a luncheon was found ransacked with no explanation. 
  • The Hobbs House in Greensboro, N.C., now a dorm at Guilford College, is said to be haunted by Mary Hobbs. Mary was having a slumber party on the third floor. After the girls went to bed, some boys threw rocks at the attic window and started a fire. All of the girls, except Mary, escaped. Some say you can hear a faint cry of a little girl in the house and footsteps up and down the hall as she looks for her room. 
  • At the Spring Hill House in Raleigh, N.C., now part of North Carolina State University, a baby can be heard crying at night. Motion detectors inside the house have detected the pattern of someone walking around and out the back door to where the original owner is buried.  
  • The Historic Latta Plantation in Charlotte is said to be haunted by the Latta family. During tours, visitors frequently hear children playing in the attic. Employees see shadows moving around the house and doors slamming. 

So what happens if you live in a haunted house – and want to sell it? 

Since hauntings are not considered a material fact, you DO NOT have to disclose if you think your house is haunted. Additionally, you DO NOT have to disclose that a murder or suicide occurred in a home, or what your motivation is to sell it.

That is, unless you decide that the resident ghosts give your home a unique selling feature – especially around Halloween.

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By DJ Stephan(President, Allen Tate Relocation)


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