23 Sep 2013

When Should You Request A Home Inspection?

A new home has come on the market and it seems perfect. It has the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms and exhibits the charm and character you’d hoped to find when you started your home search. But with the real estate market heating up, you might worry someone else could beat you to the punch.

home inspectionBefore putting in your offer, however, you may want to consider having a home inspection done. While home inspections are typically conducted after an offer is made, prospective buyers can benefit by having a home inspection done before they put in a bid. Knowing the results of the inspection early can help solidify your decision to buy the home and make you feel confident about crafting a strong offer.

If you are competing against others for that dream home, having an inspection done early can set your offer apart. If you are satisfied with the inspection results, you may be able to submit an offer without an inspection contingency. This reassures the seller that your offer price is solid and likely won’t be reduced during negotiations.

Some sellers may not allow early inspections because if they are alerted to certain problems, they may be obligated to divulge them to others going forward. But many sellers are open to the idea of an early inspection because it gives them a heads up of potential problems that will likely be discovered regardless.

Each situation is different, and your Allen Tate Realtor® can advise you on the optimal time to request a home inspection.

Phyllis Brookshire (Senior Vice President)
Allen Tate Companies
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