16 Sep 2013

Success Is In Your Future

successAre you on the right team?

I am.

As Director of Career Development for Allen Tate Company, I believe I work for the best real estate company on the planet. Some may say that I’m prejudiced, but I believe when it’s right, you just know it.

I will admit, however, that I am in the catbird’s seat when it comes to watching success unfold. It is wonderful to witness the careers of so many new and experienced agents develop here and observe Realtors® reach the goals they thought were unattainable elsewhere.

At Allen Tate, I believe we truly follow the path that says “When our agents succeed, we succeed”. As a company, our people are our best asset.

While I could continue to sing the praises of this great company, there is no greater testimony to my point than the words of our agents. See for yourself why these talented individuals – who could choose to work for any real estate company – chose Allen Tate as a partner to build, begin or expand their real estate careers.

Like what you hear? Then give us a call. We have lots of room at Allen Tate for more agents who want to write their own success stories.



By: Barbara O’Rourke (Director of Career Development) – Guest Blogger

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