12 Aug 2013

Who’s the Boss?

200171445-001If you’ve often thought of running your own business; if controlling your destiny has always been your dream; if you long for freedom to make choices – then a career in real estate may be your perfect fit.

A recent Forbes article, “The 4 Ways to Become Your Own Boss – Which One Fits You?” lists real estate agent in the very first category, Agent/Representative:

– If you feel your strengths are in sales and a willingness to take care of your customers, consider becoming an agent for an existing brand. You can build your own business without having to wear all the hats. The cost of entry is relatively low and your income can grow quickly and usually without limit, especially if you have the persistence and resilience to keep at it.

– Insurance agents, real estate agents, and even direct selling representatives find freedom in being able to focus on sales and customer service, while the parent company provides R&D, product development, marketing, training and much of the back office support. A network of agents provides support, companionship, mentoring and encouragement.


So think about it … why not use the talent, skills and experience you’ve gained along the way to take the helm of a new venture? Do you have what it takes to be a real estate agent?

Our most successful agents have these characteristics:

• Resourcefulness/resiliency
• Tenaciousness
• Creativity/innovation
• Commitment to a purpose
• Courage/risk taking
• Leadership skills
• Trust, confidence, respect

As a real estate agent:

• You will build your own business – from developing your business plan to setting your marketing campaign.
• You will determine when, where and with whom you work. The most successful agents align themselves with a firm that represents their very same values.
• You will be in control of your future.

Sound intriguing? Visit careers.allentate.com to learn more.


ORourke_Barbara_blog_pic By: Barbara O’Rourke (Director of Career Development) – Guest Blogger

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