9 Aug 2013

It’s That Time of Year

Carolina PanthersIn 33 American cities, the pride, the anticipation and the buzz is on. NFL football will soon be back! It’s that magical time when each city believes that this could be “the year” for a playoff run. All the camps are in full swing, and the pre-season games begin this week. While the temperatures (and afternoon rainstorms) still tell us it is summer, there’s not a fan out there who would debate that it is officially football season.

The excitement here in the Carolinas is no different; this year, we wonder if our new general manager filled the holes in the off-season. Reality, however, tells us that every win counts in the league, as well as every unexpected injury. Bench strength and a commitment to playing each and every game like it counts is the only way a playoff run can happen. Health, talent, teamwork, coaching, and yes, luck and schedule strength, all have to align. The schedule strength seems to gain in importance with each new season. And when you win, the next year’s schedule is adjusted to reflect that improvement, further creating parity within the division.

The Allen Tate Family of Companies is an official partner of this great American institution – the Carolina Panthers and the NFL. The pride and passion this team and the NFL bring to the Carolinas is paramount. Every community, every organization, and truth be told, every one of us needs something to be excited about and to rally around. The Panthers organization is worthy of our embrace.

I have a feeling (like I do every year at this time) that this is the year for another championship run. But that’s the magic of football at this time of year. Anything can happen. Anything is still possible.

Team Tate is also Team Panthers. Watch for our mid-season Panthers Contest beginning in late September. And get out your black and blue. It’s time for the Allen Tate “home team” to cheer on our NFL “home team.” We’re a proud sponsor of the Carolina Panthers!


Pat Riley
President and Chief Operating Officer


Allen Tate Companies
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