10 Jul 2013

Don’t Worry; Be Happy!

happy workersWhen Monday morning rolls around do you just want to hit the snooze button? Is the best part of your workweek the end of it? Perhaps it’s time for a change!

Forbes magazine annually features a study conducted by Careerbliss.com. Over 65,000 people participate and rate the level of happiness in 5 categories to determine the Ten Most Happy & Unhappy jobs in America. No, rock stars didn’t make the list nor did fashion models, but instead, real estate agents were number one!

Why you may ask, are real estate agents so happy? There are many reasons, but it could be because:

  • Realtors® don’t punch a clock; they determine their own hours.
  • Every day is different, so boredom is not an issue.
  • Real estate agents are truly helping people with the service they provide.
  • The potential to earn a great income exists.
  • Realtors® are not confined to a cubicle, their office can exist anywhere.
  • The expense to get started is minimal, and doesn’t require a student loan.
  • Real estate agents are in control of their career.

Maybe it’s time you stopped worrying and started being happy! Join the one million+ Realtors® who are happy to come to work each day.

ORourke_Barbara_blog_pic By: Barbara O’Rourke (Director of Career Development) – Guest Blogger

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