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19 Sep 2016

So you’re moving to another state

You've thought about it for a while, moving to another place where you've always wanted to live. Or maybe the opportunity has come up suddenly, because of a new job, transfer or family obligations. But the reality is that you are about to move from here to another state, maybe hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Moving always requires planning, but moving a long distance is much more complex than moving across town. Find your new home. After you've established where you're moving (and assuming you have a job there), the next steps are to find a home and physically make the move. Many people don't realize that Allen Tate Company, while based in the Carolinas, has the ability to help you...
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17 Aug 2016

Should you move for a job?

You've been hoping for that promotion – and your boss finally calls you in to talk. It sounds like a great opportunity – until he tells you the job is in Chicago. Or Los Angeles. Or Japan. Relocating for a job is not uncommon. In fact, a new job or transfer is consistently among the top five reasons that people move, according to a Consumer Insights Study by About half of those surveyed indicated that they moved to another state or country for a job. Once you've received an opportunity to relocate, that's when reality hits. If you were actively job-searching in another city, then you've likely prepared for the possibility of a move. But if the opportunity has come up...
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22 Jul 2016

Make life easier when moving to a new home #FlashbackFriday

There is so much to do when relocating to a new home. Here are a few tricks that friends shared that made my move a little easier. I am happy to pass them on! The most important thing is keep all important papers with you – passports, documentation for a mortgage, birth certificates, etc. While this seems like common sense, you are crazy busy during a move and it is easy to forget things. Begin to de-clutter and donate items as soon as you think you may be moving. Or better yet, do it every year (Yeah, that’s a nice thought). Don’t move what you don’t need. The cost of moving your items is based on weight. Donate or throw away items before...
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4 May 2016

Keep Safe During a Move

Every year, thousands of individuals relocate across the country – some even across the world – for a new job, or a transfer with their existing company. Unfortunately, global security has become a real threat, and moving is a busy and stressful time when many people are most vulnerable. So how do you keep your employees – or yourself – safe in today’s world? I recently attended a meeting of the Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council (CMARC) that included a panel discussion on data security and business travel. The speaker panel featured corporate leaders, current and former FBI agents and a representative from International SOS. This very knowledgeable group offered the following suggestions. While some of this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised by...
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20 Apr 2016

A Day in Valencia, Spain

One of the benefits of being a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) is that I have friends all over the world. With more than 500 brokers in the United States and 52 countries, I often have the opportunity when I travel to meet with someone I know from attending the annual conventions for LeadingRE. My last trip abroad was no exception. Along with a dozen friends, I cruised for a week from Italy to Spain on the Viking Star. When we docked in Valencia, Jose Ribes Bas with Rimontgo Real Estate, a 50-year old company specializing in luxury properties, was there to greet us. He brought along two friends, Virginia and Tony, to spend the day with us...
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11 Mar 2016

The Trials and Tribulations of Growth

Let’s face it: the majority of us reading this blog hail from another place on the map. We’re not from here, but this is our new home. And the in-migration continues. Twenty years ago, broadcaster Dan Rather remarked how fortunate we are to be able to form, design and influence the creation of a city. And to look back years from now and determine if we’ve left something special for future generations. Annexation, in many places, has run its course. State and city lines have now been – or are being – reached. Our cities are healthy because of growth and annexation, but this will soon no longer be an option. The next 20 years are really going to test our courage. We...
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11 Jan 2016

What drives the Carolinas?

Topped only by Oregon in 2014, in both North and South Carolina, sixty-one percent of all moves were inbound, according to the 2014 Annual National Movers Study by United Van Lines. So what is it, aside from our great weather and gorgeous scenery that drives people to make our area home? First, to put the Carolinas’ economies in context with the overall U.S. economy,, says there are a handful of top national drivers, including health care, which has benefited from the shifting demographics of the U.S. population. The article also predicts that relatively cheap energy costs in the U.S. will encourage manufacturers to bring more jobs back to America, which could mean the return of some of those jobs to the Carolinas. Lower...
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1 Jan 2016

Housing Leads the Way in 2016

It’s official. 2015 is in the books and we’re moving full-speed ahead into 2016. When it comes to real estate, we have much to be thankful for and encouraged about. Housing leads economic recovery as well as economic downturn. This has always been the case throughout history. This recovery has been long and steady, unlike no other. Prices, however, recovered faster than anyone anticipated. This appreciation has been brought to you by lack of inventory. Builders have taken a cautious approach. Baby boomers are taking their good old time downsizing; they are simply staying put. And active buyers are all competing for the same properties and price points. There are two interesting trends we are seeing. It seems more and more buyers of...
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4 Sep 2015

Moving “there”

If you’ve ever moved, you know that it is a process – and not always an easy one. That’s especially true if your move takes you to another state. But moving “there” doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It just requires a bit of extra planning. Here a few things to consider to prepare for your move: Start early. Most experts agree that you should begin planning your move six to eight weeks before your move date. Complete a change of address form with the post office. Notify all credit cards, banks, doctors, schools, utility and insurance companies.  Make arrangements to disconnect the utilities at the old address and connect them at the new one. Seek professional assistance. When you’re moving out of state, you...
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14 Aug 2015

Across The Globe: You might be surprised where we show up

Did you ever notice the small globe logo at the bottom of Allen Tate advertising or brochures? The globe represents our professional real estate network – Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. LeadingRE is a world-wide network comprised of 500 independent real estate firms, with 4,000 offices and 120,000 sales associates in more than 40 countries. Combined, the network members represent more than a million transactions and $272 billion in annual home sales – more than any other real estate network. LeadingRE is certainly a powerful network. But how does Allen Tate’s affiliation with LeadingRE help our clients? Here, there and everywhere. Our LeadingRE membership allows Allen Tate agents to help their clients with real estate needs outside of the Allen Tate footprint...
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