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19 Nov 2014

Do it “Your Way”

Many of us can recall the words – and more importantly – the message of My Way, the 1969 ballad written by Paul Anka and popularized by crooner Frank Sinatra. The lyrics reflect on the many choices we face in life, the goals we set for ourselves, and the difficult decisions we must make. The reward for the man in the story, as he approaches death, is that he did it his way, with responsibility and integrity. The ability to make your own decisions in your career is not a luxury many have. Often, those decisions are determined by the company/supervisor you are working for. It is their vision, their message, their style – and done their way. In real estate, the options...
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20 Aug 2014

Dreams really can come true

There is an old saying to be careful what you wish for. You might very well get it. As a recruiter, I often find myself across the table from many trained and respected professionals who became terribly unhappy with their chosen career path. They may have dreamed of their brilliant performance as a defense attorney or perhaps, envisioned themselves as the brain behind the latest trendy ad campaign. But, at some point, those dreams fell short – along with the passion they once had. Many of their frustrations didn’t stop with unrealized career-path dreams. Many longed for more time with friends and family; many desired fair and unlimited compensation. And more than a few expressed frustration over the lack of ability to...
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26 May 2014

Do you have the life you want?

Someone once told me that my love of food was somewhat obsessive. I gave that some thought and came to the conclusion they were right. I love food – eating food, making food, looking at pictures of food, shopping for food. I love food. I, therefore, am someone who lives to eat and not one who eats to live. A similar truth can be said about my professional life. It’s not a job; it’s not work to me. It is a part of me. It’s what I do; and defines much of who I am. It is a large and important part of my life plan and allows me to have the quality of life that I want. What does your life...
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19 Feb 2014

Ready when you are!

There is a five-star hotel known for its superb concierge services. Whether you are in need of a black dinner dress for an impromptu occasion, or crave a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup in the middle of the night, they are there for you. Their response to a guest is always “Whatever; Whenever.” That’s how I feel about a career in real estate. Whatever your background, whenever you are ready, a career in real estate fits right in. A recent high school graduate may not be sure of their next step, but they are motivated and ready to enter the workplace. Perhaps real estate is the right start. A college-educated professional (who is smart and savvy with great tech skills) may desire...
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11 Dec 2013

I Love Real Estate

I asked a group of Allen Tate agents what they were grateful for this holiday season. They replied, with much enthusiasm: “My job!” As you think about what gifts you hope to receive – or what the New Year might bring, perhaps it is a new career … one that brings YOU the joy that our real estate agents share.  What do I personally love about real estate? Here’s my list. I want to learn something new every day, and real estate gives me that opportunity. I am a giver of joy. Telling first-time buyers that their offer has been accepted makes me forever a part of their home ownership experience. I can create my own schedule around my life. I wear many hats and I...
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11 Nov 2013

Lessons from a storyteller

I love Mark Twain. He is a timeless storyteller who looked at life in a direct and uncomplicated manner. He offered sound, sensible advice that is still relevant today, and I embrace his timeless wisdom. In fact, my husband recently came across a Mark Twain quote that he thinks was custom-written with me in mind: “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” I love what I do, and why wouldn’t I? I have the good fortune to interview people, listen to their life’s goals, and help them begin their dream career in real estate. Of course, some of those conversations involve explanations (aka excuses) for why someone hasn't entered the real estate industry: • “I always wanted to sell real estate,...
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16 Sep 2013

Success Is In Your Future

successAre you on the right team?

I am.

As Director of Career Development for Allen Tate Company, I believe I work for the best real estate company on the planet. Some may say that I’m prejudiced, but I believe when it’s right, you just know it.

I will admit, however, that I am in the catbird’s seat when it comes to watching success unfold. It is wonderful to witness the careers of so many new and experienced agents develop here and observe Realtors® reach the goals they thought were unattainable elsewhere.

12 Aug 2013

Who’s the Boss?

200171445-001If you’ve often thought of running your own business; if controlling your destiny has always been your dream; if you long for freedom to make choices – then a career in real estate may be your perfect fit.

A recent Forbes article, “The 4 Ways to Become Your Own Boss – Which One Fits You?” lists real estate agent in the very first category, Agent/Representative:

– If you feel your strengths are in sales and a willingness to take care of your customers, consider becoming an agent for an existing brand. You can build your own business without having to wear all the hats. The cost of entry is relatively low and your income can grow quickly and usually without limit, especially if you have the persistence and resilience to keep at it.

– Insurance agents, real estate agents, and even direct selling representatives find freedom in being able to focus on sales and customer service, while the parent company provides R&D, product development, marketing, training and much of the back office support. A network of agents provides support, companionship, mentoring and encouragement.


10 Jul 2013

Don’t Worry; Be Happy!

happy workersWhen Monday morning rolls around do you just want to hit the snooze button? Is the best part of your workweek the end of it? Perhaps it’s time for a change!

Forbes magazine annually features a study conducted by Over 65,000 people participate and rate the level of happiness in 5 categories to determine the Ten Most Happy & Unhappy jobs in America. No, rock stars didn’t make the list nor did fashion models, but instead, real estate agents were number one!

Why you may ask, are real estate agents so happy? There are many reasons, but it could be because: