16 Jun 2017

Father knows best

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has an observation about dads: You can always tell what their favorite year was, because they’re still wearing clothes from it.

For their unique fashion sense – and many other reasons – dads are pretty memorable. And while we sometimes fail to realize their wisdom in our youth, the life lessons and advice dads give us are irreplaceable when we grow up.

David Huss’ dad was a sales manager for a car dealership. His name is Noah Carse Huss, or N.C. for short – but his family calls him Bill (go figure). David, who leads the Frantilla and Huss Team in the company’s Charlotte-Ballantyne office, calls him Pops and remembers a large map of the United States on the wall of the hallway adjacent to the showroom floor. Every time the dealership would sell a car – Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge – the sales person would put a pin on the map where the buyer lived. And many were repeat buyers.

Pat Riley and dad Charles Thomas Riley

When people would ask N.C. why someone would come back to North Carolina from Florida or California to buy a car, he had a simple answer: We’re honest with people. To this day, David applies that guiding principle to both his real estate career and personal life.

Anyone who knows Allen Tate President and CEO Pat Riley knows his passion – for real estate, his community and just about everything else he touches. No surprise that his dad, Charles Thomas Riley, who sold bread door to door before he became a Realtor®, was a little passionate himself. Pat said his dad taught him the value of hard work and a love of people and service. At 89, Dad has slowed down just a bit but still inspires Pat in his life’s work.

Adam McCall‘s dad, Daryl, is a real estate agent for Allen Tate in the Charlotte-University City office. Many people would be surprised to know that Adam, now director of client services for Allen Tate, was extremely shy as a child. Whenever he needed to make a phone call to someone, he would ask his dad to make the call for him. His father told him “Son, you are going to learn how to talk to others. I’m not making the call for you. If you want it bad enough, you need to make the call for yourself.” Today, Adam leads and manages a team of virtual agents who field thousands of calls each month about real estate services.

Jake Cashion and Brooke’s Dad

Brooke Cashion‘s dad Barry worked in the wholesale lumber business, but his name changed to Bear-Paw when Brooke’s daughter Maddie was born. Dad advised young Brooke, now team leader of Brooke Cashion & Associates in the Allen Tate Winston-Salem Cherry St. office, to read “everything she could get her hands on.” That included Superfudge by Judy Blume, and as an adult, the Outlander series by Diane Gabaldon. Brooke actually introduced her dad to Outlander, in a little turnabout, and they routinely share books, articles and journals. Brooke also credits her dad for her strong spelling and vocabulary skills, as he made her learn 10 Reader’s Digest words before she could go out and do something “fun.”

Eddie Cash and dad William

Eddie Cash‘s dad and namesake, William, grew up with cows and spent a 33-year career working at a livestock market. Daddy always taught Eddie to give it his all in whatever he did, and then accept what comes, without worry. “If I have done my best, that’s the most I could do,” said Eddie. His dad also taught Eddie to be himself and to be genuine in his actions and intentions, which has served him well as a successful Realtor in the Allen Tate Raleigh-Glenwood office. “He led by example all of his life.”

Diane Honeycutt’s dog (and Team mascot) Tate

Some dads leave us too soon. Diane Honeycutt‘s dad, Ed, passed away when Diane was 13, so she didn’t have the opportunity to receive much fatherly advice. But Diane will always remember that her daddy talked her mother into getting a puppy. “She wasn’t too keen on the idea, but he hung in there, brought her around and Rascal (a Pekingese) became part of the family.” 

Recently, Diane added a new member to Team Honeycutt in the Allen Tate Concord office – a Chichon (Chihuahua-Bichon Frise mix) named Tate. “It brings back those memories of my daddy,” said Diane.


Karen Murray
Karen Murray

Karen Murray is Public Relations Manager for the Allen Tate Companies. She has more than 20 years of experience as a marketing communications professional, writer, wife and mother of four.

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