Visit Lake Norman, You Might Just End Up Staying!

9 Jul

When you visit Lake Norman, you will inevitably run into residents of the area who were also “just visiting” some five and ten years ago, but who now enjoy its recreation, shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural happenings year-round… and who don’t mind shouting it from the treetops!

These folks have lived in the mid-west, New York and Florida, but they prefer the four seasons (and no blizzards) in North Carolina’s gentle climate, where they can spend most of their time at home enjoying their screened-in porches some nine months out of the year.

They have recreated on one of the actual Great Lakes and the Jersey Shore, but find Lake Norman’s water temperatures more desirable, and the lake a lot bigger than they first thought from looking at it on a map while driving over one of its fingers on Interstate 77. And they have experienced the arts and entertainment of New York and Miami, but have found our local cultural offerings and those in Charlotte numerous and vibrant, as many artists and performers have also discovered the gem that is the Lake Norman area.

Some of these folks are retired and were “just visiting their grandchildren.” Others were transferred to Charlotte with a job promotion or found a new job in the area.  While still others were” just driving by” on their way to somewhere else via Interstate 77.

However they came to end up in the Lake Norman area, they stayed around to explore and found the place they wanted to call home. To plan your visit, go to or

Did you know?

  • Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in the Carolinas.
  • It was created in 1963 by Duke Energy and named after former Duke Power president, Norman Cocke.
  • It is 34 miles long with 520 miles of shoreline and provides electricity to the Piedmont region of the Carolinas.

Lake Norman. Just a warning: visit at your own risk, for you, too, may one day become a resident!

Stephanie GossettBy Stephanie Gossett (Broker-in-Charge, Lake Norman) – Guest Blogger

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