The Greensboro Downtown Greenway

6 Jul

I love to spend time outside riding my bike. If you are like me, and are looking to explore some new paths in Greensboro then the Downtown Greenway is just the place. The Downtown Greenway is a planned four mile walking and biking trail that will loop around downtown Greensboro. Its purpose:

  • Economic development for the community
  • Enhance urban landscape with green space
  • Promote fitness
  • Encourage alternative transportation
  • Provide connectedness and well-being for Greensboro residents and visitors

When the Greenway is complete, it will be the only one of its kind in the state of North Carolina and only one of a few in the United States. So far, two phases have opened to the public. The photos show you the view of downtown Greensboro from the Greenway, and the art work that is at the Morehead entrance off Lee Street. That’s my bike leaning up against the artwork and what a great place to explore on your bike.

Each year, there is a “Run 4 the Downtown Greenway” and this year’s event will be on September 15, 2012. This will be the third running event which will included 8k and/or a 1-mile walk/run option.

For more details on the Greenway, the 2012 Run event, or how you can help the Greenway, visit

You just never know what new paths you will locate!

By Tony Jarrett (Regional Vice President, Triad)

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