We Cherish Our Independence

4 Jul

We are so blessed to live in a country where freedom abounds. As we celebrate our country’s independence and those who helped us attain it and keep it, I wanted to share our little independence story.

The Allen Tate Companies celebrated its 55th birthday in April of this year.Allen founded the company on independence with the goal of building a BRAND in the Carolina’s residential real estate space. With that foundation, the “journey will never end”.

We are not alone in this endeavor, as there are market-dominant regional brands all over this great country and the world. We have planted the stake on independence forming the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network. In Pennsylvania, you have the Hanna’s, Watson in Florida, and the Crye-Leike Realtors in Tennessee, just to name a few of the hundreds. We all firmly believe that our strong market presence, branded over decades, is much stronger than a “rent-a-brand”.

In the franchise world, each office runs to its own beat and is not performance driven. It exists to pay franchise fees to use a common sign. If I gave you a plane ticket to fly to any of America’s 300 top markets and asked you to drive around and report back what brand resonates in the cities and states you visited, I am certain you would respond with an LRE member firm name. Quality people delivering quality performance!

Why then don’t we band together and all fly the same flag so you can pick us out, you ask? We believe our independent brand is much stronger and 80 percent of our business is with folk’s right here in the Carolina’s. The 20 percent that is not from here is referred to us by our friends around the world, the corporations they work for, our web presence, and believe it or not, referrals from the franchise brokers because they know we can flat out deliver and offer choices.

We cherish our independence and strive to make a difference in your life whether you are buying, selling, or looking for insurance or a mortgage. Choices in mortgage products and insurance products are what you need and want.

You can only receive that from US being independent through and through! We cherish our INDEPENDENCE!

By Pat Riley (President and Chief Operating Officer)

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