Grocery Shopping and Choices? Oh Yes!

23 May

I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina a year ago, and can tell you that I have been very pleased with all the shopping this area has to offer. Among all of this, there is a surplus of grocery stores. (I don’t think there is enough room on this blog for all the other great shopping types!)

Whether you are looking for standard, organic or fun, we have it all.  Below are just a few grocery stores that Charlotte has to offer, and believe me there are many more to choose from with their own uniqueness. I would like to advise you that each one has a website worth exploring. You will discover special deals for each store; from coupons, coffee clubs, senior clubs, discounts on games, personal shoppers….the list goes on, so check it out.

Here are just a few of the many choices, ready?

  • Harris Teeter– Your standard grocery store. Specials features and programs are: Club 60, which offers a five percent discount on Thursdays; Shop Online, where you can order groceries online and pick them up at the curbside (first order is free to set up-then $4.95 service).
  • Lowes– Another standard grocery store. If you like the idea of online shopping, this store offers the same deal as Harris Teeter. They also offer delivery service in some areas.
  • Earth Fare– Healthy and Organic, unique in that it offers a restaurant complete with coffees, smoothies, deli, and bakery in which kids eat free on Thursdays 4-8 pm, with $5.00 Adult Purchase (start the kids on a “healthy” road!). They also offer a great selection of Vitamins & Supplements.  When you sign up online, you will receive a “freebie”.
  • Trader Joes– Has a fun and informative crew that wear Hawaiian shirts and ring bells. They have lots of lively music in the store, as they believe you should have fun while shopping! Their theme is based on the fact that they have searched the seven seas for the best deals, so everyday is a sale.  I have to say this is one of my favorite stores (friendly staff, energetic atmosphere, organic healthy food at reasonable prices, vitamins, fair trade coffees, demonstrations…)
  • Fresh Market– An Old World European Market including fresh flowers, an old butcher shop, fish market, and bakery.  The atmosphere is an open air feel with fragrant smells, classical music and great selections

Soon to be added to the mix is Whole Foods, which will be opening this summer.

By Kathy Fish

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