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Bunches of Success

30 Nov

Although it seems like only yesterday, I joined Allen Tate Relocation in 1999. Since then, I’ve heard numerous wonderful stories and shared some amazing memories with my colleagues. But I must say that one of my favorite stories is how Mr. Allen Tate got his start in sales (a relevant story given yesterday’s announcement about Chiquita moving their global headquarters to Charlotte, N.C.).

As a young boy, Mr. Tate spent time working in his father’s grocery store in Gaffney, S.C. It was there that he learned the value of customer service and a quality product. To help inspire motivation and determination, his father would give him challenges to complete in the store each Saturday. If he had not completed the challenge by 6 p.m., his father would approach him and ask, “Allen, did you truly work to sell that product to our customers?”

One particular Saturday, Mr. Tate walked in to find the front of his father’s store covered, floor to ceiling, with bananas. As he tells it, there were bananas as far as the eye could see. Apparently a train carrying the shipment of bananas had been delayed between Gaffney and New Orleans. Instead of discarding the over-ripe bananas, they were given to Mr. Tate’s father in the hopes that he could sell them all. Continue reading

Amusement Gets an Update in Raleigh

28 Nov

On Nov. 19, Pullen Park in Raleigh reopened after a two-year, $6 million renovation. Pullen Park was opened 124 years ago, making it the oldest amusement park in North Carolina, the fifth oldest in the United States and the 16th oldest in the world.

I have so many wonderful memories, as many who grew up in Raleigh do, of trips to Pullen Park as a child.  My favorite part was the 1911 Dentzel Carousel, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I would ride ‘round and ‘round for hours (or as long as my Mom could stand it) on one of the beautiful horses. The Carousel is now housed in a spacious, climate-controlled building that will protect it for years to come. My brother’s favorite ride was the miniature train. We loved riding around the entire park on the one-third-size replica of the C.P. Huntington locomotive. I remember thinking how funny it was to watch the adults try to fold themselves up so they could enjoy the ride with their kids. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving from the Allen Tate Company!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating with friends and family. See you Monday!

What Are You Thankful For This Year?

23 Nov

I love Thanksgiving.  It is all about fellowship and food.  While I love to decorate for Christmas and to buy gifts for friends and family, Thanksgiving is just a special time each year.

What am I thankful for?

  • My family. My brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.  My parents who aren’t with us in body but are always with us in spirit.  My wonderful husband.  And my 4 legged friends, Bruno, Monkey, Story, and Butter.
  • My friends. I am grateful to have friends.  Some have been in my life all my life and some for just a few years. I cherish you all.
  • My health and the health of my loved ones. If you have your health, you have everything.
  • My career. I love what I do and the people I work with.
  • My country. We aren’t perfect but it is the greatest place on earth to live.
  • My indulgences. Sweet tea.  Cosmos.  Cookies.  Cupcakes.  Romantic movies. Good books.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and may you have many things to be thankful for too.

Phyllis Brookshire By Phyllis Brookshire (Senior Vice President)

A Bird By Any Other Name…

22 Nov

When I was growing up, my grandma would always roast the Thanksgiving bird and bring it to the meal at our house. I say “bird” because our holiday fowl wasn’t always the traditional turkey.

One year, at the advice of her butcher, Grammy decided to get a capon (kay-pon). What’s a capon, we asked. The answer? “A really big chicken.” Of course, that began a dialogue between my dad and grandma that went something like “You have a capon? I thought you had a coat on.” And so it continued (more than once).

A capon is actually a neutered young rooster, which results in a larger, more tender and flavorful, and less gamey bird than traditional hens (and is probably more than I want to know about my dinner). As I recall, it was good, but I can’t say that my taste buds were particularly discerning at that age.

It’s been many years since my Thanksgiving holiday including something besides turkey. But I know a few folks who have enjoyed ham, steaks, lasagna and even hot dogs on Thanksgiving. Continue reading


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