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Who Can I Trust?

31 May

Suze Orman and many others like her have Americans hanging on their every word. Many have said that because of the duration of the “Housing Reset,” the housing dream is dead.

Yes, at no time in history have we had as many people selling their homes, which are upside down balance-wise to fair-market value, and returning to renting; or who have credit challenges. While that is a fact, it is not in any way indicative of what Americans want. They do not want to make a landlord wealthy and they do not want to lose the benefits of homeownership. Continue reading

My Visit to Capitol Hill with Lyle Lovett

26 May

Earlier this month, the National Association of Realtors sent their delegation to visit all Members of Congress and Senate to discuss issues vital to homeownership in the United States. I visited with Congressman Howard Coble (NC), whose district includes Alamance, Guilford, and Moore Counties, and his staff.

All in all it was a great visit! Here are 5 points we covered this year:

  • Short Sales – With almost 30% of all sales in North Carolina and South Carolina being distressed sales, and with an average time of 345 days to get these sales to the closing table, something needs to be done to speed up this process for today’s buyers. Solution = require a 45-day to 60-day approval process that brings certainty to the closing. Continue reading

The Carolina Panthers Outlook for 2011

25 May

I recently attended the Carolina Panthers Business Summit.  We had the opportunity to meet with Danny Morrison, president of Panthers Football, and several of the coaches, including Head Coach Ron Rivera for an open forum.

One of the first questions from the audience was, “How do you make a draft choice selection?”  Ron responded that, before making the recent decision, he talked to all of his coaches, discussed what their needs were, and drafted accordingly.

It then turned to conversation about the new draft pick, Cam Newton, and what he would need to be successful.  Ricky Proehl, special teams coach, felt that Cam will not only need to spend time learning the game but also spend some necessary time with his receivers.  From a coaches perspective they will also need to look at reasons why he could fail and reasons why he could succeed. Continue reading

What Can We Expect This Summer

24 May

As we look to the summer, I am frequently asked, “what can we expect in the Carolinas?” What I want to stress is this: We, as homeowners, will be able to move out of a state of unrest once we find and understand what the true value of our home and neighborhood truly is.

But you know what they say…actions speak louder than words right? So, what better way to answer your question than with a video blog post (our first as a matter of fact!).


 By Pat Riley (President and Chief Operating Officer)

Real Estate Adventures with Bob Dylan

23 May

Being a huge fan of American treasure Bob Dylan, I strained to find an obvious reason to write about the man on a real estate blog as he approaches his 70th birthday (Tuesday, May 24th). Turns out, the task was as easy as remembering what we all love about real estate…our innate interest in housing, homeownership, and lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The bard from Hibbing has diversified his real estate holdings over the years. He still owns a farm in Minnesota, but his primary residence is a beautiful home in Malibu that was custom-designed and built for the Dylan’s in the mid-1970s when he was married to Sara Lownds. (Musician Jakob Dylan is their youngest child…more on Jakob’s real estate later.) Continue reading


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