March 2011

31 Mar 2011

Survey Says….NC Ranks High in the 2010 Census Results

The 2010 Census Results showed North Carolina grew at a healthy pace over the past decade.  Why is this important?   North Carolina continues to be a hot-spot for relocation. The quality of life, the great weather, the friendly people, the housing affordability, and the accessibility to both the mountains and the coast in one state make it a one-of-a-kind destination!!

The Top 3 Counties in North Carolina from the year 2000 to the year 2010:

  • Mecklenburg County grew 224,174 new residents to a total of 919,628 residents = a 32.2% increase
  • Wake County grew 273,147 new residents to a total of 900,993 residents = a 43.5% increase
  • Guilford County grew 67,358 new residents to a total of 488,406 residents = a 16% increase
30 Mar 2011

Only the Shadow Knows

This shadow is not the superhero. But, like the superhero from the 1930s, this shadow has “the power to cloud men’s minds so they cannot see him.” Don’t let the spectre of “shadow inventory” negatively impact on your desire to sell your home this year.

Shadow inventory is the growing collection of homes that are gradually being released to the real estate market. This inventory is made up of bank-owned properties in foreclosure (sometimes called REOs), as well as “future” foreclosures…homes whose owners are seriously delinquent on their mortgage payments. As more “shadows” hit the market, the law of supply and demand dictates that home prices will soften. This can be particularly troubling given that foreclosures often sell at a 41% discount.

North and South Carolina are among the top 26 states with the highest levels of shadow inventory. We can take some comfort from the fact that 7 states (Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, New York and New Jersey) account for nearly 60% of that inventory.

29 Mar 2011

Facebook Relaunches Questions Feature

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Facebook has been updated! OK, I’m clearly kidding but I had to throw that joke out there sometime (I’ve been wanting to for months). As I’ve said before, Facebook, the social networking giant, continues to update their platform at a rate that never ceases to amaze me.

Not too long ago it was a major overhaul to Facebook’s Business Pages. Now, Mark and his friends have revamped and relaunched the much anticipated “Questions” tool.

According to a blog post from Facebook, the change comes from Facebook’s understanding that how we use and interact on the platform has changed. “Friends are often the best source of advice when you’re trying new things: Where should I go to dinner? How do I go buy a car? What new music should I check out? Friends know your tastes, and you have confidence in their opinions.”

28 Mar 2011

Recycle a Home? Yes You Can!

Have you ever considered recycling your home?

You buy a house and lot with the plan to tear down the existing house and build a new one to your particular liking.  Nothing new here. Neighborhoods have been being “redeveloped” in this way for years.

But now there’s a twist.

You can donate the existing house to Builders of Hope and they will recycle it.

No, I don’t mean they will take it apart and give the different materials to be reused (which is another form of recycling).  They actually relocate the entire house.

25 Mar 2011

Allen Tate Company Goes Mobile

Several years ago, we would have stared, wide-eyed, in disbelief had someone asked us to access the internet from our mobile devices. Fast forward a few years, add in a few advancements, and now we barely think twice as we look up a restaurant, a statistic, a movie time or details about a home for sale on our mobile devices.

According to a recent blog released by Nielsen, “Multipurpose smartphones that allow users to access the web and email as well as run thousands of apps and share text and picture messages are now 25 percent of the U.S. mobile market.” While that does signify a large use of smartphones, it also signifies a shift in how companies both market and communicate with their customers.

23 Mar 2011

We Are Growing In Asheboro!

We are pleased to announce that Allen Tate Realtors has joined forces with ERP – Elite Real Estate Professionals, a 6-year-old, full-service real estate firm located in Asheboro, N.C. Over the years, we have been fortunate to partner with 18 other independent companies (this makes #19). We continue to be a company founded on real estate families coming together to serve their communities with a higher level of tools and market exposure.

ERP opened in Asheboro in 2005 under the ownership and management of Audrey Cole, Mike Dennis, and Celia Russell.  ERP has served the greater Randolph County area, and prides itself on excellent consumer experiences and involvement in the Asheboro community.

22 Mar 2011

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Realtor

I was 24 when I bought my first house. I stumbled upon my real estate agent when I called the number on a “For Sale” sign for a house that I thought was cute. I didn’t end up buying that house, but she became my agent almost out of default ….or more accurately put, her persistence.

I knew that I wanted to live in either one of two different areas, both located close to downtown Greenville. Her niche was an area 20 minutes away from there. The first Saturday we looked at properties, instead of showing me houses where I wanted to live, we looked at 5 homes in her niche, the place that she was most passionate for.

21 Mar 2011

Remodel to Improve

As I travel to and from my office each day I am watching a home double in square footage right before my eyes. As a Realtor, I can’t help but wonder whether or not they consulted their trusted advisor before making these changes. I have that thought for two reasons:
  • Those changes should only be made if the homeowner absolutely loves that location
  • They are not concerned about return on investment

I would guess that because of the location, they may only recoup one third of their investment … if that.

Let me take a minute and clarify the word IMPROVEMENT. Replacing windows, shingles, water heaters, furnaces are maintenance enhancements. These types of improvements must be done as things become obsolete. Routine wear and tear need to be addressed on an ongoing basis to retain your base value. Making these improvements will help your home sell but be aware that the return on the investment is minimal.

18 Mar 2011

Recreation in the Queen City

I recently wrote about spectator sports in the Charlotte area and what visitors and newcomers can experience when they come to the Queen City. Just as these questions are often a hot topic so are those about recreation and things they can do as participants.

Here are some of the most popular activities:

  • Our local lakes including Lake NormanLake Wylie, and Mountain Island Lake offer numerous outdoor recreation opportunities from boating, water and jet skiing, to fishing. And while there are numerous lake front communities with direct access to these waters, there are also public access areas so everyone can enjoy them.
17 Mar 2011

Triangle Area Offers On-Line Resources for Homebuyer

Amanda Jones’ recent post explained how North Carolina, South Carolina and Federal Fair Housing laws (and our REALTOR® Code of Ethics) prohibit real estate practitioners from “steering” clients toward or away from any neighborhood based upon the agent’s perception of an area’s safety; its religious or racial characteristics; or the quality of its public schoolseven at the client’s request.  Doing so is illegal and unethical. That puts the onus on the consumer to research factors that are important to them.

To that end, the Triangle Region of NC offers a variety of on-line resources that can help homebuyers do their own research and draw their own conclusions on matters outside the legal purview of a REALTOR®. Here is a partial list:


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