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Google v. TateMAP

28 Feb

Google has made me stupid. I know there are folks who say my stupidity pre-dates Google, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct. Google tells me how to get from Point A to Point B. It tells me the latest batch of brews at my favorite pub and Cee Lo Green’s real name (Thomas DeCarlo Callaway). Don’t know who Cee Lo is? Google him. Continue reading

The Envelope Please….

27 Feb

We are pleased to announce that Allen Tate Company has earned the Website Quality Certification (WQC) for the 2ndyear in a rowLeading Real Estate Companies of the World will officially present the award at its 2011 Conference on March 9th in Las Vegas.

Every aspect of was evaluated to ensure standards were met in 6 key areas including design, content, human interactivity, and search engine optimization.  The award was introduced in 2009 to recognize and encourage superior websites among its 600 member firms. Continue reading

Don’t Bang Your Head Against the Wall

24 Feb

I like creativity and crafty projects to help spruce up my home. Surfing the internet and browsing magazines are great ways to get inspiration but nothing beats hearing ideas from my friends. Recently, a creative girlfriend of mine told me a great story about her quest to update her bedroom on a budget.

She had been looking for a new bedroom set off and on for a few years. She was frustrated because she either found something that she loved for more than she wanted to spend or something that matched her price range but not the look and feel she was hoping to achieve. Continue reading

The Government’s Future Role in Mortgage Financing

24 Feb

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with the direction of FHA.   This is important to all of us in the Housing Industry, as currently the US Government either insures/guarantees or purchases about 90% of all Mortgages originated today. I think we are all in agreement that we would like to see Private Capital come back into the marketplace, but at this time that is coming very slowly.   There is no doubt that some changes should take place, but timing is going to be critical.   Having the Government pull back to soon and the Housing Recovery would be slowed even further. Continue reading

Revaluation in Mecklenburg County

23 Feb

Revaluation (aka reassessment) seems to be the talk of the town lately and the questions it has raised are plentiful:

  • Should I appeal my property revaluation or not?
  • Am I being treated fairly?
  • Is it true that Fair Market Value, Appraised Value, Insured Value and Assessed Value can be the same? If so, isn’t that a rare occurrence?

Let me start with the last question first. I want consumers to know that the Insured Value is probably the highest and should be given that replacing something is the most difficult task to complete.  Insured Value is all about replacement costs, not fair market value.  If your home burns to the ground, you need to replace and rebuild.

Now, let’s talk revaluation. Continue reading


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