January 2011

31 Jan 2011

Rapport Equals Results

I was taught at a very young age that being a good listener is just one of the keys to success.

As an Eagle Scout, I learned that part of having a good rapport with someone is being able to have a TWO-way conversation with them. The importance of your words is complimented by the focus that you give to what the other person is saying.

As a freshman in college, I learned from my chancellor, along with other campus leaders, that I could strengthen my relationships with people by returning the conversation — by keeping the ball in the other person’s court.

28 Jan 2011

Top Five Do-It-Yourself Tools

I am a lot of things — but handy is not one of them!  I am the idea creator but I fall short when it comes to implementation. Lucky for the people in my life who end up taking these projects on, I am an excellent gift giver and a savvy shopper.

With the way that things have gone lately, many homeowners have turned to the “Do-It-Yourself” mentality to save on expenses that oftentimes add up quickly. That being said, when it comes to DIY, the right tools can make all the difference in the world. I’ve done my research and wanted to share some of the coolest tools for the do-it-yourselfers in your family:

27 Jan 2011

REALTOR® Code of Ethics Bars Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The headlines jumped out at us in 2010: “Head of Scandal-Ridden NC Highway Patrol Resigns” “Misconduct at NC State Bureau of Investigation Forensics Lab” “NC Examines ABC Boards’ Ethics Policies.” In this era of scandal, corruption and unethical behavior, it’s good to know that all Allen Tate agents are REALTORS®…meaning we pledge to a Code of Ethics that is among the most comprehensive of any industry.

Allen Tate agents support ethical conduct which obligates us to the obvious: respect for the public and respect for the properties we represent. But our Code extends beyond that. Respect, courtesy, and trust for our peers in the business is paramount to our success, our ability to cooperate fully with one another, and the positive image of the professional REALTOR®.

26 Jan 2011

And the Award Goes To…

It is officially awards season: the Golden Globes, the Grammy’s, Screen Actors Guild and the Academy Awards.  From the red carpet to the grand finale, we eagerly anticipate our award show of choice to see what outstanding entertainment performances will be recognized.

But January isn’t just about entertainment because January is also awards season in the Real Estate industry. Here’s a shout out to some Allen Tate REALTORs who have been recognized by the peers for their performance in 2010:

25 Jan 2011

Greensboro Hosts the AT&T US Figure Skating Championship

The Triad has been a destination for sports lovers for years with the Wyndham Championship and the ACC Tournament topping a long list of sporting events with deep roots to our communities. This month the Triad adds another jewel to its sporting crown, hosting the 2011 AT&T US Figure Skating Championship from January 22-30th at the Greensboro Coliseum. This flagship event for our state brings together nationally and internationally acclaimed figure skaters who will gather to compete in the ladies, men’s, pairs and ice dancing competitions.

24 Jan 2011

My Wish as a Homeowner

I often run into folks who have owned their home for years, some as long as 20 or even 40 years. That truly says “home” to me! I can’t help but to ask them if they ever wish that they had owned more homes along the way. A resounding “yes” is always the answer.

This speaks volumes to the word “home,” not house, and the memories and the pride that goes with owning your little piece of this earth. It also speaks to the fact that the current readjustment in price is only a reset for steady appreciation in the future, as the population continues to grow.  Who doesn’t want to stand in the yard or on their condo porch and say “This is my solace for old age?”

21 Jan 2011

Loan Approval…What’s Involved?

Everyone has heard that mortgage financing is more difficult to obtain these days. What people may not be aware of, however, is the “why” behind the time it takes to get a loan approved and closed in the mortgage industry today.

Typically, your offer to purchase contract is written for a 30-day closing. In most cases, you would have already spoken to your Mortgage Consultant/Loan Officer (MC/LO)  to handle the prequalification for your loan.  Well, prequalification and full loan applications are two different things.

The most important thing you can do following prequalification is to meet with your MC/LO to complete the formal loan application. Make sure to have with you all your required documentation of income, employment and assets. In some cases you will also need to provide information on credit such as explanations for any late payments, inquiries, etc.

20 Jan 2011

Raleigh Plays Host to NHL All Stars

Normally, January brings excitement to sports fans across our footprint with the start of ACC basketball competition, but this January, we have two internationally recognized sporting events that are also getting our attention.  Greensboro will be hosting the AT&T US Figure Skating Championship in Raleigh from January 22-30 (which I’ll discuss in next week’s blog post), and the Carolina Hurricanes will be hosting the NHL All-Star Game and Skills Competition the weekend of January 28.

The All-Star game has the potential to be the biggest international sporting event held in Raleigh with a potential economic impact of over $10 million dollars! Thousands of sponsors, media and FANS will descend upon Raleigh and the game will be featured on TV and print in more than 150 countries.

19 Jan 2011

Net Worth of a Homeowner

With so much mixed media about real estate today, I believe consumers who are considering purchasing a home are overwhelmed by what to believe and, against their best interests, have begun to shut it all out. By doing this, they are missing an unbelievable opportunity. Keeping this in mind, I promise to make this simple and to the point.

One of the main reasons to purchase a home now is affordability, which has never been better. Why you ask?  Increased inventory is to the advantage of buyers and that, combined with historically low interest rates, has created an ideal scenario for home buyers.

18 Jan 2011

Top 5 Tips for the “Accidental Landlord”

Have you become an “accidental landlord”? If so, you are not alone. Here’s my story:

My husband and I got married in July of 2008. Like any good Realtor, I decided to stage his house and make the necessary renovations to get the house sold. It took 3 months instead of 2 weeks…but FINALLY!  I changed the countertops, glazed the bathroom tile, landscaped and repainted.

The day that I put the sign in the yard, the stock market fell 679 points. (Do you remember October 9, 2008?) Needless to say, we decided to rent his house instead of sell it.


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