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Does Your Car Need An Insurance Physical?

30 Jul

Last month, my own personal auto insurance policy was up for renewal- so as Pat Riley had recently pointed out—it was time for my own insurance physical!  When I looked over my policy, I realized that the use of one of my vehicles had changed from a “commute” back and forth to work to “pleasure” use.  When we changed that usage, I saved some premium!  Also, I realized that the same vehicle was now more than 10 years old, and it didn’t make a lot of sense to carry both comprehensive and collision coverage anymore- so we removed that as well.

The changes to my policy directly related to the changes in my life—and had I not sat down for a few minutes to review what was different from last year, I may have been paying for coverage I didn’t really need anymore. Continue reading

Insider Secrets: Cleaning & Preparing Your Home for Sale

29 Jul

When I bought my last car, the dealership provided a “Detail Kit” to help me keep the car in pristine condition. I immediately thought that this would be a great concept for my listing clients. If I could give each of you a “Detail Kit” to stage your home easily and keep it in spotless condition, it would include: Continue reading

Beat the Heat this Summer!

28 Jul

I recently spent five days with family in Rhode Island, where I grew up. While I thought it would be much cooler there it really wasn’t. The day I flew out it was 94 degrees but felt even hotter than that because central air is the exception there rather than the rule. Even window units are not common. Most rely on ceiling fans, open windows and a season long avoidance to using the oven.

All of this got me thinking about what I take for granted in my temperature controlled life.  But it also got me thinking about both energy conservation and energy efficiency. With the help of Google, I put together some helpful tips on summer time energy saving that I have already begun to implement myself: Continue reading

Summertime Fun in the Triangle – Part 2

27 Jul

You may remember that earlier this month I talked about all of the great indoor activities that the Triangle region of North Carolina offers its residents, visitors, friends and families. To be honest, I could have made that blog post A LOT longer but sometimes its fun to explore and discover new places for yourself (hint, hint! If you found one I didn’t list then please let me know!).

This week I am heading outdoors and sharing several great attractions and activities that are an absolute must this summer!

The Durham Bulls are a minor league baseball team based in Durham, North Carolina and are the Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays major-league club. Enjoying a game outdoors with friends or family is a perfect way to spend an afternoon or a whole day! Continue reading

Deed Restrictions Can Predict The Future!

26 Jul

Pay attention and take a few minutes before you agree to purchase a home. Why? Because it is important to understand the “goal posts” or “boundaries” of the deed restriction as they not only dictate how you can and cannot use the property but also determine the integrity of the respective neighborhood.

In the current market economies, deed restrictions can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  Deed restrictions spell out, in most cases, the MINIMUM standards that the developer sets when he/she develops a piece of land.

  • Examples: minimum square footage requirements, brick on one side or all around, the parking of utility vehicles like RVs/boats on or near the property, etc.
  • Some restrictions can be very specific, such as roof pitch, mailbox types, and the governance for maintaining common areas. Continue reading

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